Our Story


Yogi CPA Startup Journey

Hello, I am Yogi CPA!

My name is Zunie Nguyen. I am a Yogi and Certified Public Accountant (CPA). 

My Professional Story

I am a CPA licensed in Texas and California. I have spent early career years at the Big Four Accounting Firm (Deloitte / Ernst & Young). Observing a lack of professional service and financial guidance for high income earners and aspiring entrepreneurs, I founded my own consulting agency Yogi CPA. I am passionate about tax and wealth strategy for high income earners and aspiring entrepreneurs.

As a CPA, I have navigated through different roles as an auditor, consultant, investment and tax strategist, all within the range of a CPA's problem-solving and technical capabilities. I'm not a traditional CPA, rather a well-diversified CPA. Years in client service have taught me one thing: I'll be there when my clients need help. In the recent Covid-19 crisis, our firm helped small businesses and sole proprietors secure over $9 Millions SBA funding required for their business survival and keeping their employees on payroll. My ultimate goal is to help clients make the best financial decisions for: themselves, their businesses & their families. 

My Yogi CPA Story

I started my yoga practice while I was travelling as a consultant in Chicago. Far from my home base, I was excited for the yoga classes after long working days. Dealing with the challenges at work and in my personal life, the yoga studio allows a space to practice my body, my mind, and my happiness. I used to be very upset when things didn't work out, and would beat myself up over things for a long time - that changed the more engaged I am with the practice. I feel stronger as a yogi, and I find that my conversation with everyone I meet is abundant in love and care. I’m incorporating yoga into my professional career with the practice of financial mindfulness as "Yogi CPA". Keep Calm, I've got your Finances under control!

Why Financial Independence?

In my mid-20s, I thought I was living the dream, making the most I ever made in the dream city of San Francisco. Upon realizing I did not have a passion for my job, I realized I could not afford to quit my job and live in San Francisco for more than a month. I made the decision to push through, and to be honest, it was extremely hard. I am passionate about personal finance because financial decisions are strongly linked to mental health and happiness. I do not want to see anyone struggling with your mental health because you cannot afford to live the life you deserve.

Community Focus

With a belief that one should never lose touch with where you come from, I am actively involved in the Vietnamese community abroad and have written articles for multiple events. I engage in giving back to the community through experiences that develops communities and my roles at the non-profit organizations.

* Advisory Board member 2022-2025 for Digital CPA Conference (by CPA.com an AICPA subsidiary): www.cpa.com/dcpa

* CPA Advisor since 2020 for Vietnamese Golf Alliance Southern California (SoCal VGA): www.vgasocal.com

* Summit Tulum 2019 and Summit LA 2019 - Selected attendee alongside start-up company founders and entrepreneurs: summit.co

* Business Development Lead 2020 for Vietnamese Entrepreneurs Network in the USA (VENUSA): venusa.us