Digital CPA 2022 Conference Event

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Digital CPA 2022 Conference Event

January 3, 2022

It was truly an honor for our Founder Zunie Nguyen and Yogi CPA to be invited to this amazing event of the Digital CPA 2022 conference in Austin. As the 2021 winner of the Innovative Practitioner Award, Zunie spoke on TWO sessions about transformation/innovation and developing an offshore team! Innovation and transformation are necessary for Accounting firms to stay agile in the digital age, and it's a great idea to engage an offshore team.

At DCPA 2022, there were amazing opportunities to connect with other accounting professionals in the same field, but with different backgrounds and interesting stories! We love being a part of an accounting community.


Beyond your financial balance


At Yogi CPA, we have developed a three-part journey to your ZEN financial state: tax strategy, entrepreneurship, building wealth. As you master your tax strategy and entrepreneur pursuits, you are now ready to move beyond your financial balance.

Yogi CPA believe in a holistic approach to work and life, and take a deeper look into your financial and life goals. Financial decisions revolve around the things you care the most about, as career aspiration and life inspiration often meet. As a purpose-driven firm, we help clients move beyond the financial balance and design a financial independence lifestyle tailored to your own method of building wealth.

Financial independence is a goal that elevates each of us to become better versions of ourselves, and in turn we create better value for others. Let Yogi CPA be your guide through this journey!