QuickBooks Connect Event

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QuickBooks Connect Event

Our Yogi CPA Founder & CEO spoke on key topics and industry opportunities such as offshoring, tax pricing, and moderated a panel on Accounting automation for firms of different sizes.

This event was an opportunity to meet many amazing people who are making a difference every day through their work with QuickBooks. It was an incredible experience!


Beyond your financial balance


At Yogi CPA, we have developed a three-part journey to your ZEN financial state: tax strategy, entrepreneurship, building wealth. As you master your tax strategy and entrepreneur pursuits, you are now ready to move beyond your financial balance.

Yogi CPA believe in a holistic approach to work and life, and take a deeper look into your financial and life goals. Financial decisions revolve around the things you care the most about, as career aspiration and life inspiration often meet. As a purpose-driven firm, we help clients move beyond the financial balance and design a financial independence lifestyle tailored to your own method of building wealth.

Financial independence is a goal that elevates each of us to become better versions of ourselves, and in turn we create better value for others. Let Yogi CPA be your guide through this journey!