The Mindful CFO


Our Mission

A mindful approach towards your financial growth.


About Us

The Mindful CFO is a fractional CFO providing all-inclusive finance & accounting functions for start-ups and small businesses. The Mindful CFO provides the diversified expertise from years of client service experience, with the added flexibility and cost advantages compared to full-time CFO or Controller hire. The Mindful CFO specializes in Innovative CFO Services and brings a sense of financial mindness and peace of mind to our clients.


Our Services


I. Fractional CFO services for high-growth startups and small businesses:





II. Executive coaching for startup entrepreneurs and small business owners


1. One-on-one coaching sessions with small business owners

2. Monthly subscription package covers minimum two sessions

3. Custom program based on your personal profile and your business needs

4. Coaching sessions cover topics such as:

  • • Training Founders & Executives to transition into higher roles
  • • Accelerate growth on a professional and personal level
  • • Overcoming specific business challenges: Cash flow issues, Low gross margins, High expenses, Outgrown existing systems, Cost cuts, Audit requests
  • • Prepare for Transactions and achieve specific goals: Fundraising, Revenue Growth, Market Expansion, Product and Service Launch
  • • Well-being for entrepreneurs and business owners

Our Experience

Founder and CEO: Zunie Nguyen is the Founder and CEO of Yogi CPA, a CPA consulting firm with a focus on financial independence. Winner of the 2021 Innovative Practitioner of the Year award, Zunie is passionate about helping small business owners with a breadth of industry and client service experience.

  • • Founder and CEO, Yogi CPA and The Mindful CFO
  • • Winner of 2021 Innovative Practitioner of the Year award
  • • CPA licensed in California and Texas (7+ years)
  • • Led finance and accounting transformation for startups and small businesses
  • • Big Four public accounting - Audit and Consulting
  • • Senior Auditor in charge of public and private companies
  • • Senior Consultant in charge of finance transformation projects
  • • Implemented Internal controls for startup and midsize companies
  • • Advised on Technical accounting for special transactions such as lease accounting implementation, IFRS adoption
  • • Coached Public company Executives in Big Four's Executive transition labs
  • • Coached Founders & CEOs at high-growth startups and small businesses

Industries and Clients